Meeting one of my musical hero’s – Béla Fleck



I know it was a long time since I used this blog…but better late than never, right!

This Tuesday I went to Stockholm with a couple of friends (It’s my former student and banjo player Samuel Flodin to the right in the pic above) to listen to banjo virtuoso Béla Fleck and the most famous female singer from Mali – Oumou Sangare together with a great live band with drummer Will Calhoun, “Benogo” Diakite – Kamele N´goni (an african harp like string instrument), Sekou Bah – bass. There was also a ‘sidekick’ choir singer, Dandio Sidibe.

I’ve been listening to Béla since the early 90s. He has really evolved over the years and have taken the banjo to a lot of uncharted territory and has also had the opportunity to play with a lot of people including (at least) one of his hero’s – Chick Corea. (He made the album “The Enchantment” with Corea 2007).

I really dig his approach to playing music and his ability to blend in with great taste musically wherever he goes genre and ensemble wise!

I hope I’ll be able to see and hear him more in the future!

Ps. Ok. What’s with the fake sun glasses you might think? Well, since I only got one picture and I closed my eyes on that single pic. I thought I had to do something about it! While at it I added glasses to the famous bronze statue of the Swedish author to. Do you know his name?