Ever heard about grLOOPing?


This is where you heard it first…I hope so anyway…


What is this? …Well it’s a “new” way of looping in a group situation. We’re all hooked up to a laptop with Ableton Live as the main software. Then we record bits and pieces…put the loops through different effect processing…and try to build an exiting soundscape. The only thing we decide before we go ahead making music is just tonality and maybe tempo…then we play and follow the path wherever it may lead us…

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How about some Nordic Chillin'!Daniel and Berk doin some Nordic Chillin’ 🙂


Nordic Chill plays Live@Heart!


Nordic Chill will play the Live@Heart Festival in September! The festival is a weekend music fest with about 200 bands playing at a dozen live music venues in Orebro, Sweden. The festival claims to be the biggest music festival in Sweden and is also a showcase for new artists. Read more at liveatheart.se

I will post the exact date when it’s available!


Nordic Chill will do the 2nd show this year with the 2011 line-up.

Daniel Björnmo, guitars

Magnus Sjöquist, basses and laptop

Berk Coban, oud


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Here’s a clip from our last concert:

A glimpse of a magical moment!

A short glimpse of a magic night at The Station Inn June 20th 2011. I experienced one of my all time favourite concert moments in Nashville! It’s hard to describe how good it was and as you all know a “flip-cam-video” is NOT the same as witness this great music “in the flesh”! If you ever got the chance to visit The Station Inn in Nashville on a Monday don’t miss The Time Jumpers at The Station Inn! Pure live music joy!

Entering hard rock mode!


Here’s a video of me workin’ on a bass part for the song “Man-made order”. Can’t tell you that much about the tune right now but it’s a project that involves some of my friends… Stay tuned for more!


Tech stuff

Ibanez GWB35 (Gary Willis Signature) Fretless 5-string (standard tuning) >

> Tech21 VTBass Deluxe (with some distortion) > TC Electronic Konnekt 48D > Logic Pro 9

> VTBass Deluxe Parallell out > Universal Audio Twin-Finity 710 Solid state/Tube Preamp (about 50/50 setting) > Logic Pro 9

FX: Quick mix with some UAD-2 plugins (Compressors) and stock a Logic Pro 9 Adaptive Limiter

Michel Camilo still inspires!

I started listening to Michel Camilo in the early 90’s. The first CD I bought was “One more once”. This CD featured a big band. I really loved the sound and tight playin’! I even did my own personal dance moves, trying to mimic all the breaks in my crazy dances! No I haven’t got any pics of video proof…

A couple of days ago I found a new (quite new anyway) live CD with Camilo and the big band.

The arrangements are almost the same as the studio CD and I almost started to do my dance moves again some 17 years later…

One of the highlights for me listening to this music is besides Camilos wonderful playing the fantastic rhythm section playing of Anthony Jackson and Cliff Almond. They really lock with a super tight groove!

If you want to listen to really good Latin rhythm section playing don’t miss these CDs!

Links: Michel Camilo

One more once