WOW! John Scofield comes back to ‘Überjam-Band-Land’!

I’m super thrilled!

My all time favourite musician, John Scofield, is back with with a new CD with the Überjam Band I saw in Uppsala more than 10 years ago! I was about to hit the sack and just stumbled on this fantastic news! The video above was a suggested video on my YouTube channel – a really nice suggestion! It was a ‘making-of-video’ for the new album Deux. After seeing the video I also found a full concert from a show they did at Berklee, Boston on New Years Eve 2012. 88 minutes of smokin’ Music!

Here’s the setlist:

  • “Thikhathali” (Scofield, Bortnick, Deitch, Murphy)
  • “Snap Crackle Pop” (Scofield)
  • “Ideofunk” (Scofield)
  • “Jungle Fiction” (Scofield)
  • “Boogie Stupid” (Scofield, Bortnick)
  • “Cracked Ice” (Scofield, Bortnick)
  • “Dubdub” (Scofield)
  • “Endless Summer” (Scofield, Bortnick)
  • “I Brake 4 Monster Booty” (Scofield, Bortnick, Deitch, Murphy)
  • “Tomorrow Land” (Bortnick) [encore]

The Band that evening:

  • John Scofield, guitar
  • Avi Bortnick, rhythm guitar/sampling
  • Andy Hess, bass
  • Louis Cato, drums

Link to the concert [Audio]

Live with Organic Trio
I saw John Scofield earlier this year at jazz club Fasching in Stockholm with his organ trio, Organic Trio with Larry Goldings on Hammond B3 and Greg Hutchinson on drums. This was a really unforgettable concert!

Bilder från den konserten:

Überjam Band to Sweden?
Now I hope the band will come to Sweden in the Autumn to perform the new Music live for me 🙂 In the meantime I’m glad being able to enjoy the live concert above and the new studio CD!

If you use Spotify you can ‘preview’ the whole new CD before you buy it!

CD cover of John Scofield Überjam Deux