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Cover of the single “Bergslagen”

Bergslagen (Magnus Sjöquist)

In October 2020, I won the 2020 International Guitar/Bass Competition held by Uppsala International Guitar Festival together with .strandberg* guitars.

The first prize was a .strandberg* Boden Bass, an inventive new take on the bass guitar, with a revolutionary neck profile, multi scale and a very ergonomic design.

Bergslagen is the first song composed on and featuring the Boden bass. Inspired by my surrounding nature, I believe this composition has some nordic melancholy vibes.

I hope you enjoy my part of the world the way I describe it through Music!

Magnus Sjöquist: .strandberg* Boden Bass
Composition, recording, mixing, and video by Magnus Sjöquist
Mastered by Markus Nordlund (@dromedarmedia)


New original music released in December, 2021
New original music was released in April 2021

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In January 2019 I released a new composition written especially for solid body ubass and bassoon.

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