Video Bass Lessons!


On this page I will link to my video bass lessons. The lessons will be diverse and cover different aspects of bass playing according to me and my experience.

First up is a lesson about shuffle and swing. I try to explain a “special” playing technique for combining walking and shuffle feel using a mix of “long” quarter notes and typical shuffle rhythms.

On this page you can also find PDFs (sheet music/ TABs) and play-a-long backing tracks to some of the videos.

Hope you”ll find these videos useful in expanding your bass guitar knowledge! Feel free to make comments and maybe enhance the videos with links to interesting info regarding the different video topics!


Play music!

bass lesson 1 – “Shuffle and Swing”

Link to video

Link to backing-track (mp3)

MP3 Note: Ex. 1 and 2 (3 versions each) All instruments > minus solo guitar > minus bass

magnus-sjoquist-music-bass-lesson-1 (PDF)

Good luck!


update 23-aug-2011 (

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