Live looping – performing an old Swedish childrens song!

livelooping mars 2011-a
My setup for the live looping part of the concert – Islossning 2011.


Two years ago I did a live looping version of an old Swedish childrens song. The song is called “Sov du lilla videung” and is based on a poem by Zacharias Topelius (First published in 1869). My version is based on the melody written by Alice Tegnér.

I’m building the song from basically nothing. If I remember right there was maybe one pre recorded loop thrown in!

As you can see in the pictures my setup wasn’t really streamlined 🙂 More pics below the video! The concert was in a church in my hometown so I didn’t mind lugging all the stuff around! I have to slim my setup for gigs out of town I guess!

Hope you enjoy my version!

livelooping mars 2011-clivelooping mars 2011-b