We shall overcome by Russell Ferrante trio

Adding vocals to an amazing rendition of we shall overcome

In January 2021 Russell Ferrante, founder of the jazz group Yellowjackets, released the album Inflexion. I have listened to this amazing album a lot. The last tune was a beautiful rendition of We Shall Overcome.

I was really mesmerized and taken away by the beauty of this version. To show my appreciation I thought about adding lyrics on top of the original version for a long time. Last week I finally got around to transcribing Mr. Ferrante’s phrasing and recorded a take in my studio.

I sent the recording to Mr. Ferrante and I was really happy he liked my vocal add ons!

I hope you like it too!

Please buy the original Russell Ferrante Trio version of the song or the whole album. You can also stream it on your preferred digital streaming platform!

Find out more at https://www.russellferrante.com/

I have permission from Mr. Ferrante to share this version!

Mr. Russell Ferrante and I after the Yellowjackets show at Makeriet, Örebro 11.2.21
Album cover Russell Ferrante Trio “Inflexion”