Hip-hop drummin’ with the band ‘Hyvlarna’ – Swedish rap – in Swedish!


Yeah, I’m a drummer too! Victor Wooten (and others) states: I’m a musician that happens to play bass. I agree!
For most gigs I use basses as my prefered tool of expression but why not drums as well. I’ve actually played drums for a longer period of time. But counting hours (not that I do) I have played more bass 🙂

I got this ‘gig’ through a friend. I was booked to play a festival with one of my friends and he suggested me for the gig since Osten af Mozzarella (a Swedish hip-hop act – performing hip-hop/rap with Swedish lyrics) also were booked for the same festival and we could all fit into one car…not really… 😉

The festival got cancelled…but we played another Swedish festival that summer (2010) so our rehearsals were not in vain! Since than we have played a few more gigs and the latest was this past Saturday. If you measure success by the size of an audience it wasn’t our greatest gig. But we don’t! The joy of playing with these guys is far greater than how big the audience is!

Here’s a clip from that concert. We’re playing Ostens (Fredrik Engström) song “Chicago” (Vindarnas Stad) [Chicago – the windy city] – a tribute to the city of Chicago that Fredrik visited a while back. The lyrics are in Swedish but I guess you can tag along and understand some words here and there even if you native tongue isn’t Swedish!

The music is quite improvised. It differs from song to song but this song is really lose. I like the ‘listen-to-the-groove’ aspect of playing music so this fits me like a glove!
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