Entering hard rock mode!


Here’s a video of me workin’ on a bass part for the song “Man-made order”. Can’t tell you that much about the tune right now but it’s a project that involves some of my friends… Stay tuned for more!


Tech stuff

Ibanez GWB35 (Gary Willis Signature) Fretless 5-string (standard tuning) >

> Tech21 VTBass Deluxe (with some distortion) > TC Electronic Konnekt 48D > Logic Pro 9

> VTBass Deluxe Parallell out > Universal Audio Twin-Finity 710 Solid state/Tube Preamp (about 50/50 setting) > Logic Pro 9

FX: Quick mix with some UAD-2 plugins (Compressors) and stock a Logic Pro 9 Adaptive Limiter