Rob Allen Guitars Solid 4 – funk jam

Hi there,

Had a great jam with my friend and great guitarist Henrique Alvim [BRA] the other day. We started to compose a new song and ended the session with some jammin’ alongside a drumloop. 

I bought a pack of loops from featuring the fantastic drumming of Terence Higgins (I have heard him live with John Scofield a couple of times!)

I looped a 4-base section that had a nice (if I may say so) bass fill. Then I added a couple of keyboard parts and a little synth solo.

The Solid 4 is recorded direct through my RMI Basswitch IQ/DI into Universal Apollo Twin and used Apple Logic X for mixing. I used only the P pickup with the tone control full on (in the down position). It sure records very nicely! 

Thanks Rob for making such a super nice instrument for me!

New Orleans Funk inspired grooves on different basses…and with different musicians!

I watched a Modern Drummer Festival video and got super inspired by one of my favorite funk/hiphop/dubstep… drummers Adam Deith! During his workshop/master class he does a short New Orleans inspired groove on a small jazz kit! It’s SO groovy!

Adam Deitch

Read more about Adam Deitch at Drummers World!

I would really like to play with him someday! Instead of waiting I “borrowed” his groove and started jammin’ away. Then I got an idea!

Why not turn this into a couple of new bass lesson videos!

I decided to record one (or a couple) of choruses of the groove on different basses. From upright to UBass…P-bass to 5-string fretted and fretless…
Then I’ll transcribe my grooves and let you have it as a PDF (in standard notation and TAB). Just like the one from my first bass lesson video.
If you want I can do separate lessons on how I played the different grooves.
I play guitar on some of the grooves and some of my guitar playin’ friends (and maybe keyboard players too) will play on the rest.
The videos are with my bass line first and then just the groove so you can jam along using my line (Download the first jam/groove PDF of the music in standard notation and TAB here!)

Here’s the first video featuring my Kala UBass (Read more about Kala UBass at my other blog! Please let me know if you want me to make “in depth” lessons on a particular groove!

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