WOW! John Scofield comes back to ‘Überjam-Band-Land’!

I’m super thrilled!

My all time favourite musician, John Scofield, is back with with a new CD with the Überjam Band I saw in Uppsala more than 10 years ago! I was about to hit the sack and just stumbled on this fantastic news! The video above was a suggested video on my YouTube channel – a really nice suggestion! It was a ‘making-of-video’ for the new album Deux. After seeing the video I also found a full concert from a show they did at Berklee, Boston on New Years Eve 2012. 88 minutes of smokin’ Music!

Here’s the setlist:

  • “Thikhathali” (Scofield, Bortnick, Deitch, Murphy)
  • “Snap Crackle Pop” (Scofield)
  • “Ideofunk” (Scofield)
  • “Jungle Fiction” (Scofield)
  • “Boogie Stupid” (Scofield, Bortnick)
  • “Cracked Ice” (Scofield, Bortnick)
  • “Dubdub” (Scofield)
  • “Endless Summer” (Scofield, Bortnick)
  • “I Brake 4 Monster Booty” (Scofield, Bortnick, Deitch, Murphy)
  • “Tomorrow Land” (Bortnick) [encore]

The Band that evening:

  • John Scofield, guitar
  • Avi Bortnick, rhythm guitar/sampling
  • Andy Hess, bass
  • Louis Cato, drums

Link to the concert [Audio]

Live with Organic Trio
I saw John Scofield earlier this year at jazz club Fasching in Stockholm with his organ trio, Organic Trio with Larry Goldings on Hammond B3 and Greg Hutchinson on drums. This was a really unforgettable concert!

Bilder från den konserten:

Überjam Band to Sweden?
Now I hope the band will come to Sweden in the Autumn to perform the new Music live for me 🙂 In the meantime I’m glad being able to enjoy the live concert above and the new studio CD!

If you use Spotify you can ‘preview’ the whole new CD before you buy it!

CD cover of John Scofield Überjam Deux


Live looping – performing an old Swedish childrens song!

livelooping mars 2011-a

My setup for the live looping part of the concert – Islossning 2011.


Two years ago I did a live looping version of an old Swedish childrens song. The song is called “Sov du lilla videung” and is based on a poem by Zacharias Topelius (First published in 1869). My version is based on the melody written by Alice Tegnér.

I’m building the song from basically nothing. If I remember right there was maybe one pre recorded loop thrown in!

As you can see in the pictures my setup wasn’t really streamlined 🙂 More pics below the video! The concert was in a church in my hometown so I didn’t mind lugging all the stuff around! I have to slim my setup for gigs out of town I guess!

Hope you enjoy my version!

livelooping mars 2011-clivelooping mars 2011-b

Walking…sorry DANCING…on the moon!

Frank Vignola, Magnus Sjöquist and Vinny Raniolo at Just Jazz Club, Örebro 1-31-13

Frank Vignola, Magnus Sjöquist and Vinny Raniolo at Just Jazz Club, Örebro 1-31-13


A new addition to my Jammin’ with my Rob Allen Bass video series!

Januari 31 I got to play with amazing guitarists Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo at Just Jazz Club in Orebro, Sweden.

This was the second time we played together and it was great fun! Check out this posts for our first jam! Post 1 | Post 2

Have a great Easter Holiday!

(Almost) New Series! Jammin’ with my Rob Allen fretless bass | 02 “Cabelos Brancos”

In this video ‘series’ I will showcase my beautiful Rob Allen walnut fretless MB-2 bass! It’s a truly wonderful instrument that I bought in Nashville (Summer 2011). I waited some 8 (EIGHT!) years since I finally got to buy one!
Read more about it here and on master luthier Mr. Rob Allen’s website!

Time for video no. 2 in the series!

In August 2012 i participated in a great outdoor show located in an old closed down mining park! The setting was beautiful with a great light show and the amazing backdrop of nature! Read more about this concert at my other blog, | Post 1 | Post 2

You can also read (and see) more about the guys from Sao Tomé here.

Enjoy the great song Cabelos Brancos by Guilherme de Carvalho! Here’s another song of his. This song features me playing my fretless Ibanez GWB35!

New Series! Jammin’ with my Rob Allen fretless | 01

In this video ‘series’ I will showcase my beautiful Rob Allen walnut fretless MB-2 bass! It’s a truly wonderful instrument that I bought in Nashville (Summer 2011). I waited some 8 (EIGHT!) years since I finally got to buy one!
Read more about it here and on luthier Mr. Rob Allen’s website!

First up is a video from 2011. Not long after I got home from my trip to the US.

Andreas Gustafsson, vocals
Bror Engström, keyboard
Magnus Sjöquist, fretless Rob Allen MB-2

I’m quite new to the bass and have to ‘fight it’ a bit at various parts in the song. But it is the FIRST video featuring the bass!

New Music! – Two songs by Nine Orders

Hi there!

I’m exited to announce the arrival of Nine Orders! A project band in the progressive metal genre.
It is great to once again go back to my rock roots and I’m glad I got the opportunity to sink my teeth in these two great songs.

You can listen to them on the Nine Orders Soundcloud. Se below!

I hope there will be more songs to work on soon…

Tech Stuff
Bass Guitar: Ibanez GWB-35
Gary Willis Signature 5-string fretless
Strings: Elixir
Amp: Aguilar Tonehammer 500/MarkBass LittleMark II
Cab: Aguilar SL-112/ Custom 15 inch Eminence
Fx: Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe (Modelled after different Ampeg amps such as the B15 (‘Flip’top’) and the SVT) I used this for the overdrive/distortion part of the sound.
(I also used Universal Audio UAD plugins)

Signal Chain
Ibanez GWB-35 > Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe > Direct to Sound Card (DRY/no FX) (Ch 1)
AND XLR (WET/with distortion) (Ch 2)
AND out to MarkBass or Aguilar amp > Custom 15 inch Speaker OR Aguilar SL-112 Speaker (These where miked and sent to Sound Card (Ch3))

Check out this blog post about my recording!


Ibanez GWB-35
Gary Willis Signature Bass

Bass parts recorded at…

Meeting one of my musical hero’s – Béla Fleck



I know it was a long time since I used this blog…but better late than never, right!

This Tuesday I went to Stockholm with a couple of friends (It’s my former student and banjo player Samuel Flodin to the right in the pic above) to listen to banjo virtuoso Béla Fleck and the most famous female singer from Mali – Oumou Sangare together with a great live band with drummer Will Calhoun, “Benogo” Diakite – Kamele N´goni (an african harp like string instrument), Sekou Bah – bass. There was also a ‘sidekick’ choir singer, Dandio Sidibe.

I’ve been listening to Béla since the early 90s. He has really evolved over the years and have taken the banjo to a lot of uncharted territory and has also had the opportunity to play with a lot of people including (at least) one of his hero’s – Chick Corea. (He made the album “The Enchantment” with Corea 2007).

I really dig his approach to playing music and his ability to blend in with great taste musically wherever he goes genre and ensemble wise!

I hope I’ll be able to see and hear him more in the future!

Ps. Ok. What’s with the fake sun glasses you might think? Well, since I only got one picture and I closed my eyes on that single pic. I thought I had to do something about it! While at it I added glasses to the famous bronze statue of the Swedish author to. Do you know his name?


Björnmo-Sjöquist Duo – FREE EP!


In 2000 me and my friend Daniel Bjornmo recorded a DEMO EP with four songs.
We sold a bunch of them a shows around that time (2000) but since then nowbody has really heard these tracks.
Thats why we let you download them if you want!

The recording was done in my apartment with some overdubbed drums and guitar solos…

Hope you like it! We have talked about recording some more songs this year, it’s about time 🙂 Stay tuned!

You can hear/see more of us here.

Tracks (MP3)
01 Take the A-train

02 Triste

03 Waltz for Debby (Monicas vals)

04 When Sunny gets blue

[All tracks as MP3]

Tracks (FLAC)
01 Take the A-train

02 Triste

03 Waltz for Debby (Monicas vals)

04 When Sunny gets blue

[All tracks as FLAC]

If you want covers…let me know…and I’ll try to find them 😉

Hip-hop drummin’ with the band ‘Hyvlarna’ – Swedish rap – in Swedish!


Yeah, I’m a drummer too! Victor Wooten (and others) states: I’m a musician that happens to play bass. I agree!
For most gigs I use basses as my prefered tool of expression but why not drums as well. I’ve actually played drums for a longer period of time. But counting hours (not that I do) I have played more bass 🙂

I got this ‘gig’ through a friend. I was booked to play a festival with one of my friends and he suggested me for the gig since Osten af Mozzarella (a Swedish hip-hop act – performing hip-hop/rap with Swedish lyrics) also were booked for the same festival and we could all fit into one car…not really… 😉

The festival got cancelled…but we played another Swedish festival that summer (2010) so our rehearsals were not in vain! Since than we have played a few more gigs and the latest was this past Saturday. If you measure success by the size of an audience it wasn’t our greatest gig. But we don’t! The joy of playing with these guys is far greater than how big the audience is!

Here’s a clip from that concert. We’re playing Ostens (Fredrik Engström) song “Chicago” (Vindarnas Stad) [Chicago – the windy city] – a tribute to the city of Chicago that Fredrik visited a while back. The lyrics are in Swedish but I guess you can tag along and understand some words here and there even if you native tongue isn’t Swedish!

The music is quite improvised. It differs from song to song but this song is really lose. I like the ‘listen-to-the-groove’ aspect of playing music so this fits me like a glove!
Read more about Osten af Mozzarella and Hyvlarna here. And while you’re at it please like us on Facebook!