Jammin’ with my Rob Allen Guitars Solid 4 Playing a bass+vocal arrangement of Blackbird



Time for a new video. This time I decided to explore the classic Beatles song “Blackbird”. I really like how very in-tune chords and double stops sond on my Solid 4 bass. In this arrangment it’s mainly double stops but also some other chord tones added here and there. (a few dominant 7 and minor 6 chords).

It’s kind of hard to sing to these very simple sounding double stops but I’m quite happy with the result.

More about the Solid 4 and other lovely models by Rob Allen on his site www.roballenguitars.com Please check his instruments out!


Rob Allen Guitars Solid 4 – funk jam

Hi there,

Had a great jam with my friend and great guitarist Henrique Alvim [BRA] the other day. We started to compose a new song and ended the session with some jammin’ alongside a drumloop. 

I bought a pack of loops from thelooploft.com featuring the fantastic drumming of Terence Higgins (I have heard him live with John Scofield a couple of times!)

I looped a 4-base section that had a nice (if I may say so) bass fill. Then I added a couple of keyboard parts and a little synth solo.

The Solid 4 is recorded direct through my RMI Basswitch IQ/DI into Universal Apollo Twin and used Apple Logic X for mixing. I used only the P pickup with the tone control full on (in the down position). It sure records very nicely! 

Thanks Rob for making such a super nice instrument for me!

Jammin’ with my Rob Allen MB-2 and a La Bella string test!



Time for a little string test! The test is done with my Rob Allen Guitars MB-2 fretless bass that I have played since July 2011. You can read more about that bass here and here.

I have loved the sound of Rob Allen instruments since I tried my first one at Ruby’s Music (Times Square) back in 2003. I wanted to get that sound and started playing tape nylon strings on another fretless bass since I wasn’t able to buy a Rob Allen instrument at the time.

The La Bella Black Nylon Wound strings are a big part of that lovely sound and Rob Allen ships all his fretless basses with the LaBella Black Nylon Tape Wound strings. More than a year ago I found out about new strings by La Bella called White Nylon Tape Wound. I was lucky and got great help from Greg Gohde in San Diego. I bought a set of these new strings through his shop classicbows.com Thanks Greg!

I sent an email to Rob Allen and asked him what he thought about these new strings and what gauges he would suggest. He answered that he had not tried the strings (maybe he has now since this was a while back) and he suggested I’d go for the regular set not the light one. He also told me I had to make sure I got the extra long scale. The MB-2 has a string through body design so the string has to be long enough to reach all the way from the bridge to the tuning pegs.

So here, about a year later, comes my little test. The video below features two short musical examples with drums, guitar and piano added. I wanted to let you hear the different string sets in context. I also performed some more examples with open strings, position playing and harmonics. I recorded these tests on two tracks. Both direct (lined through my RMI Basswitch IQ/DI) and miked (through the Aguilar Tonehammer 500 into a Aguilar SL-112 cab) miked with a AKG C414. Sometimes I mixed the two tracks and sometimes they can be heard separately.

So what do I think?  I was very curious of how I would like the new set…

First of all. The black nylon strings in this test are the same set that came with the bass when I bought it in 2011 at Corner Music in Nashville, TN, USA. These strings were in other words not fresh and new for this test. However since they aren’t regular round wound strings they do sound fresh for a considerable longer time! This is because sweat and dirt can’t get inside the string like on a regular round wound string. The fact that they sat on the bass for about 2,5 years prior to he test can still of course make a little difference in sound compared to if I was to record with a brand new set of the black nylon strings.

The white nylon set is not really white. They are better described as being transparent as you can see the steel string inside the nylon wrapping. They feel very smooth and soft and are super easy on the fingers. This combined with the superb and easy to play neck and fretboard on the MB-2 is a perfect combination. I can really focus on playing my best since the instrument is so well built.

The La Bella set of black nylon tape strings that I have played since 2011 have been very good with a great deep smooth bottom end but still with enough mids and highs to sound good played in every register of the bass, low to high. I have been super happy with these!

The white ones feel and sound a bit different. I guess you can say that they are a bit brighter but still with a nice low end. This together with the silky smooth feel makes them a great alternative to the black ones.

I hope this will give you a little taste of how these strings are. As I have written above I do like both sets. Depending on the situation and what type of sound I’m looking for I now have two great options to choose from and they both match my Rob Allen MB-2 so well!

All the best,


Jammin’ with my Rob Allen Bass | 04 “Björkhalling” Bass added to a great song by Stockholm-Lisboa-Project

Recording with my Rob Allen MB-2, Basswitch IQ/DI and Logic Pro X

Recording with my Rob Allen MB-2, Basswitch IQ/DI and Logic Pro X

Finally a new jammin’ video! My Rob Allen Guitars MB-2 bass is one of my favorite basses! The last couple of years I have played a lot of Ubass. (see playubass.com for more about these instruments). Although I really love the Ubass I also absolutely love playing my Rob Allen too. (You can read more about my Rob Allen Bass blog posts here)

Fretless bass has always had a big part in my bass playing and I almost always bring at least one fretless bass to every gig! Sometimes fretless basses is all I bring! See this post at playubass.com

This time I’m featuring the Rob Allen MB-2 with some swedish contemporary folk music. Björkhalling is composed by my friend Simon Stålspets. We used to go to Music University together back in the early 90’s! Recently we have started to hang again and play some music. Super great!

Simon is truly a multi instrumentalist and plays a lot of different instruments in the group Stockholm-Lisboa Project. As the name implies there is a nice mixture between Swedish and Portuguese folk music made in this group. You can read more about them on here!

Their latest CD, Aurora, was released in 2012 and when I listened through it the first time I was hooked! Great Music with even greater musicians is of course the best match! One of the songs I immediately liked was Simons Björkhalling! I started to jam to the song, figuring out the melody. After awhile I came up with the melody/bass part version you can hear in the video. (BTW I have permission from Simon and the band to post my version on YT!)

Hope you like what I’ve done and that you also get hooked on Swedish (and of course Portuguese) folk Music and Stockholm-Lisboa Project, I sure am!

Audio Tech stuff
Signal path: Rob Allen MB-2 walnut fretless > Basswitch IQ/DI > Universal Audio Apollo > iMac with Logic X (Controlled with the Logic Remote app on an iPad)
> Signal is also recorded through my amp setup (Aguilar Tonehammer 500 > Aguilar SL-112 > AKG C414 (mic) > Universal Audio Apollo > iMac with Logic X (Controlled with the Logic Remote app on an iPad)

New Music! – Two songs by Nine Orders

Hi there!

I’m exited to announce the arrival of Nine Orders! A project band in the progressive metal genre.
It is great to once again go back to my rock roots and I’m glad I got the opportunity to sink my teeth in these two great songs.

You can listen to them on the Nine Orders Soundcloud. Se below!

I hope there will be more songs to work on soon…

Tech Stuff
Bass Guitar: Ibanez GWB-35
Gary Willis Signature 5-string fretless
Strings: Elixir
Amp: Aguilar Tonehammer 500/MarkBass LittleMark II
Cab: Aguilar SL-112/ Custom 15 inch Eminence
Fx: Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe (Modelled after different Ampeg amps such as the B15 (‘Flip’top’) and the SVT) I used this for the overdrive/distortion part of the sound.
(I also used Universal Audio UAD plugins)

Signal Chain
Ibanez GWB-35 > Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe > Direct to Sound Card (DRY/no FX) (Ch 1)
AND XLR (WET/with distortion) (Ch 2)
AND out to MarkBass or Aguilar amp > Custom 15 inch Speaker OR Aguilar SL-112 Speaker (These where miked and sent to Sound Card (Ch3))

Check out this blog post about my recording!


Ibanez GWB-35
Gary Willis Signature Bass

Bass parts recorded at…

Entering hard rock mode!


Here’s a video of me workin’ on a bass part for the song “Man-made order”. Can’t tell you that much about the tune right now but it’s a project that involves some of my friends… Stay tuned for more!


Tech stuff

Ibanez GWB35 (Gary Willis Signature) Fretless 5-string (standard tuning) >

> Tech21 VTBass Deluxe (with some distortion) > TC Electronic Konnekt 48D > Logic Pro 9

> VTBass Deluxe Parallell out > Universal Audio Twin-Finity 710 Solid state/Tube Preamp (about 50/50 setting) > Logic Pro 9

FX: Quick mix with some UAD-2 plugins (Compressors) and stock a Logic Pro 9 Adaptive Limiter